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Before I decided to seek chiropractic care my pain was intolerable! I felt like it was 18 shades of multi-colored constant pain. My extreme pain was centered in the lower back area due to an injury. I was unable to do any normal daily activities. I couldn’t move in any direction, I couldn’t stand, sit, walk or lie down without pain. After the first visit I was convinced that Dr. Furry could help me. Words cannot describe the relief that I have gotten. Dr. Furry is, by far, the absolute best chiropractor I have ever been to in my life, and I have been to many over the last 50+ years! I have found that chiropractic care has been a lifesaver for me. I have learned that pain and discomfort can be relieved without resorting to drugs. If you have back pain or discomfort, don’t put off getting relief from chiropractic care! It can help you dramatically, like it has me.


When I was 15, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. As a result of the scoliosis my hips were not aligned and this caused me to walk with a noticeable limp. I experienced constant, nagging and severe pain throughout my entire back.

As a 15 year old, having something like this was terrible and interfered with my life in a number of ways. Due to the constant pain I was in, I was always taking medications. Rather than taking the pain away, these medications caused me to lose all feeling. As a result I was unable to conduct a normal, active lifestyle. This was extemely frustrating. I worried about my future and if I would be in constant pain for the rest of my life. The only solutions I received included surgery or strong pain medications. I even had one doctor tell me that he could do nothing and that I would "just have to live with the pain". He prescribed and anti-inflammatory and a pain medication and told me that I should have this in my medicine cabinet for the rest of my life.

Up to this point, I did not know much about chiropractors or what they treated. However, a trip to the county fair soon changed that. Knowing that I already had scoliosis, I decided to test the knowledge of the chiropractor at the fair. I stepped up to him and said, "check me". He had me take each foot and place them on separate scales. One side came up heavier than the other. Then he had me lay down on his table and he looked at my legs and feet. He asked me if I knew that I had a curvature of my spine. Needless to say I was shocked. We got to talking and found out that his office was in Tucson so he recommended that I see Dr. Furry here in Sierra Vista.

At first I wondered how "cracking" my bones could make them move and how they would stay in place once they were moved. The staff and Dr. Furry were helpful and understanding and they helped me understand how chiropractic care works. Dr. Furry looked at my previous X-Rays and discovered that I had a 25 degree curvature of my spine and my hips were uneven by 16 mm. I have zero mm. I no longer suffer from any back pain and my limp has improved.

I have referred my entire family, co-workers and friends to Dr. Furry. They even notice that I seem to be much happier since my health is improving. I can not begin to explain how wonderful it is seeing Dr. Furry. My overall attitude is more positive, I don't get sick, and I can even gain weight and keep it on (which I struggled with for years). Dr. Furry is a wonderful chiropractor and I will continue to recommend him to everyone I know.


My name is Mary Martin and I would like to tell you my chiropractic story. I began having pain in my left leg. It became unbearable. I found that I wasn't able to do my normal daily activities. I was unable to sit, stand or lie down. I couldn't even reach for items above my head. Every day the pain just got worse and worse. I tried taking over the counter medications, such as Ibuprofen and even that didn't seem to do any good for the severe pain in my leg.

I eventually got to the point where I couldn't even sleep any longer, due to the pain. I hurt all the time. I felt like I just couldn't function or do anything I wanted to do.

I finally decided that if I wanted to feel better, I needed to see a chiropractor. I had never been to one and I was a little nervous. However, I knew I had no other choice.

The day I finallly decided to go see Dr. Furry I was in a terrible amount of pain. Once I was adjusted I couldn't believe it, but I felt better. I was still having pain, but not nearly as much. I kept going back the times that Dr. Furry suggested and after every visit I saw improvement.

I can now do all my normal activities. I can walk my dog and move horse panels again. In fact, I just finished roofing my barn.

I am so impressed with Dr. Furry and chiropractic care that I can easily say that I am hooked for life. I tell everyone I know all about it.

Thank you Furry Family Chiropractic for everything. I'm not ready for that walker yet!

Mary Martin


One afternoon I was doing work on my ranch, while I was pulling a wheelbarrow out of the storage shed, I lost my footing and fell backward onto the gravel. I didn't think much of it until a week and an half later when I developed a sharp shooting pain in my left shoulder. The pain was intense. It hurt all the time. I wasn't sure I would get any relief.

I am a very active person and the pain in my shoulder was affecting my activities of daily living. I missed two weeks of work and wasn't able to do my share of things on my ranch.

I first tried taking muscle relaxers to help with the pain. I took vicodin for two weeks and all it did was numb me a little.

After a couple weeks my friend Sally and I went to Las Vegas and on the second day we were there she told me I should go see her chiropractor to help with my pain. When we got back home I was ready to try anything to make the pain go away.

When I first went I was really scared. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I didn't think I needed one. I braved it out and went through with it. After I got adjusted, I felt great! I don't know why I was so scared of something that would help me so much. Dr. Furry was patient and gentle. I kept going back for several weeks and each time I would feel better and better. I never expected that I would feel so good again. Not just for my shoulder, but for my health altogether. I realized that I should have been seeing Dr. Furry all along before my accident.

I think everyone should go to a chiropractor to get their own bodies in good shape. Everyone needs it, even if they don't think they do. Our bodies are like any machine, we should be keeping it finely tuned like we do our cars. I would tell anyone that they should not be afraid of chiropractic care because it creates wellness for our bodies.

Sherry Tester



Monica gives the best massage! She has in-depth knowledge of the body structure and bio-mechanics, which shows in her body work. As a horse owner and rider, Monica has helped me be more effective in riding, while being pain free. I highly recommend her, especially for Equestrians and people who engage in sports.

Anne May


I have hiked all of my life. Over a year ago I began to experience pain in both of my calf muscles that necessitated stopping until the pain subsided. Ultimately, the pain became so severe that I was unable to hike at all and normal walking was becoming a problem. Anytime I attempted to hike or walk more than 100-150 yards I would have pain. My primary care physician recommended that I should have stents surgically implanted in both of my legs.

My wife bought me a massage therapy treatment as a Christmas present. I was very skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. They have been nothing short of miraculous! After my first visit I felt like I was walking on air for the rest of the day and experienced no pain! From month to month over the past 11 months the problem with my legs has decreased so I am able to walk as far as I want with no pain. My wife and I hiked for 2-3 miles this fall in the mountains of New Mexico. I experienced no pain whatsoever even on very steep slopes.

I have found that Massage Therapy can enormously improve circulation and eliminate the pain resulting from poor circulation. In my case, it has completely eliminated the need for surgery!

Conrad T. Moore


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  • "I have found that chiropractic care has been a lifesaver for me. If you have back pain or discomfort, don’t put off getting relief from chiropractic care! It can help you dramatically, like it has me."
    Margaret M.